What is Needle Felting ?

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 Hi , thanks for visiting my website , my name is Sharon Salt and I’m a ‘Needle Felt Artist’ located in the Staffordshire Moorlands. 

My love of dogs , and especially terriers of the wirey coat variety , is evident in my art.  

I have long had an interest in quality handmade items and have dabbled in quite a few genres over the years, but it was when I came across needle felting that I found my true passion….  I feel very lucky that I am able to combine my love of dogs with my love of this art form. 


What is Needle Felting ?

The art of needle felting is to take a puff of fleece [un-spun wool] and with the aid of a barbed needle turn it into a firm 3D sculpture. Many thousands of ‘stabs’ of the needle are necessary but eventually you will have a form that is firm enough to sculpt into shape.

There is no ‘stuffing’ involved , each dog is needle felted up , right from his little wooly heart.

I also create 2D portraits , this I like to call ‘Painting with wool’ … The wool is the ‘paint’ , the needle the ‘brush’ and my favourite ‘canvas’ is a piece of up cycled wool tweed. 

Sheep fleece [many different breeds] is the mainstay of needle felting but I’m also a big fan of Alpaca , and will usually use this for the dogs top coat. 

For the most part I only use un-dyed wool , all my wool is bought in the UK and all is ethically sourced.


Whilst working I have two ‘helpers’ …. Welsh terrier ‘Ted’ [ the minder of minis] he takes his job very seriously!  Airedale ‘Sadie’ would very much like to bite their little wooly heads off but thankfully she dare not risk the wrath of Ted!! 


When I’m not sculpting dogs I can usually be found walking over the moor with Ted and Sadie.