Love me Love my Dog


He has arrived, and I can not put into words how very special he is. His eyes are Jimmy's eyes! 

You have a very special talent for this art form. Thank you , Thank you

Sharon, she is absolutely beautiful, you have captured her exactly, especially her ears which are not as perfectly 'set' as some other Welsh Terriers, but I don't care, I love her to bits!!!
Sorry Sharon it's been a bit of a day but just to let you know SHE arrived safely and is even better than I could have imagined!! Thank you so much. I shall treasure her always.

Hi Sharon! It's beautiful! You are so talented!!! I love it!  The only
thing I was wondering is if her face could be a tad less fuzzy. Otherwise,
it's perfect! I was showing the photos to my colleagues and they are all so
impressed. One of my friends asked if you do Shiba Inus?  I can't wait to
get my mini Kelsey!  Thank you so much!

Hi Sharon , I just received my beautiful felted Irish from my daughter Erin . He is outstanding and I love him. Here he is peaking out of the bag. Just how many hours does it take to make one? Thank you again for your beautiful work. I will treasure him.

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Oh Sharon!!!!!!!
The Jess picture has just arrived and I'm overcome, truly!  It's so, sooooo beautiful!  Must admit it brought a tear, and I know 100% that Angela will be thrilled beyond words!
Thank you so very, very much!  I can't find the words to let you know how much I love it.  Your talent is absolutely amazing!
I really can't wait now for 2nd March to give the picture to Angela and see her reaction.
Love and appreciation, Heather x

He's here Sharon. LOVE him. Thank you so very much.

Dear Sharon,
We are overwhelmed with your amazing artistry, generosity and friendship. Truly, it was a blessing to meet you. Your parcel arrived yesterday and we waited to be together to open it. We could never have imagined how perfect he is our Ready, filled with your love and his spirit. 
You are a beautiful soul Sharon. Only someone with a true heart and a kind soul could animate a little ball of fur into a timeless memorial. 
Thank you is not enough but it's all we can offer you for now. 
With love and hugs to come. 
Trilby and Lisa and Ready and little Giacomo. xox

Sharon, thank you so much, my Husband is over the moon, you have captured the very soul of our beautiful girl.

Kate James

Hi Sharon
I think she's absolutely brilliant thank you! I have to say you have an amazing talent. 

Omg omg omg!!!!.....hes here!!!!.... the dogs went mad for him!!! He is so gorgeous. So well crafted...completely unique and bespoke. 
Even my eldest son (26) cannot believe it and we are both overwhelmed as to how much it looks like Harry!!! Thank you ever so much.
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Oh my goodness, I am blown away at how adorable they are!  Murphy came out amazing, don't tell Scout but I think Murphy's mini might be cuter than his!  My mother-in-law is going to go crazy when she sees him.Type your paragraph here.

OMG! I love him. Thank you so much!
He is awesome. Can't wait to get my hands on him.
Can you put Sophie on the list for October?

Oh Sharon I love him!! He's great - and you've got his markings perfectly. Thank you so much for doing him. 

Wow that's amazing. You definitely captured her essence. Beautiful! !!

OH MY!! The little Harry dogs have arrived all the way from UK and we are so absolutely smitten. They have a place of honor on a little shelf, way up high so the big Harry dog cannot swipe them. He was not so smitten and became a bit jealous as we ooohed and aaahed over his mini-me’s.
Already we are the envy of all our friends to have such delightful little icons. Thank you for such lovely work.
Sincerely, your friends in Michigan,
Diane, Carol and Harry

Omg.. I was so excited when I came home this afternoon,,, there was a box for me! From UK... Couldn't wait to get in and open it.So here are some pic of their safe arrival.. When my son came over he just grinned from ear to ear...absolutely love them...Thank You Thank You…

Hi Sharon, 
Mini Chula is here and big Chula is altogether too interested... So I won't be able to get a picture of them close together. 
I am very happy with mini Chula, thank you so much. She is very pretty and looks very much like the real thing. 
All the best, Sue

She arrived today, beautifully packaged and soooo cute! I am delighted thank you.

Omg I LOVE HER!! Thank you so much, my mini Gypsy is perfect 

Thank you so much for getting him to me for Mother's Day, my mum absolutely loves him and even shed a few tears, bracken even loves him can't leave him alone!

I just received my two Wooly Paws dogs this morning a Welsh and an Airedale they are really beautiful and I'm thrilled with them( my husband really likes them as well )

Good Morning! I just wanted to let you know I received my BIRTHDAY present to myself the other day. I'm ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with my AIREGIRL!!!! She is beautiful! The packaging was very cute also..Thank You AGAIN!!!!

Just received my Airedale today. He's a beauty! Thanks, again!

Thank you so much for our beautiful vizsla, it's a lovely keepsake of our adorable Scooby!! I'm really impressed what good a likeness it is.

Hi Sharon
He has arrived!!
He's amazing

Sometime I would like to have a Black Russian Terrier, a Wire Fox Terrier and an Airedale for  my daughter as she has one of each.
Thanks - I really love it.
Kathy Lundy Jones 
She is beautiful!  

OMG I am crying right now. Absolutely gorgeous.
Hi Sharon
He is lovely! I am delighted with your work. 
Many thanks.

They look fabulous!! Thank you Sharon, the nicest birthday present I could have given myself.

My gorgeous WoolyPaws have arrived. Angus and Alfie are absolutely beautiful. The detail and personality are amazing and I cannot get over how Sharon made them look and feel so life like. I highly recommend having your fuzzy beast recreated by her skilled hands. Thank you Sharon for taking all of the photos I sent and for making these beautiful pieces of art with personalities so perfect!!

Oh Sharon....I don't know what to say! They are perfect, I can't believe it. Am I mistaking or they can slightly change position?

Hello Sharon,
I received my two wooly mates this morning they arrived safe and well they are absolutely gorgeous and I am thrilled with them .
The Airedale will be named Mandrake after my late beautiful boy and the Welsh named Biggles so now there will be two Biggles in the house.
Warm regards,