Love me Love my Dog

Dogs have been part of my life since day one.I was born into a doggy household and can't imagine life without one [or two!]

My Dogs

​I grew up with an array of different breeds but my first dog as a 'grown up' was  a Lakeland Terrier- my partner [now Husband] and I were living on a Narrowboat and wanted a smallish dog that didn't moult!  I knew nothing about the breed but fell in love with a ball of black & tan fluff...Digger changed our lives [I may have known dogs but I didn't know Terriers!!] He was the reason for my 'Terrier addiction'. 

Since then there's been another Lakeland, 3 Airedales, a Wire Fox and 2 Welsh [along with Casper, my darling Poodle who I lost last year at 15, and who thought he was a Terrier!]

​Today I have Ted [Welsh Terrier] and Sadie [Airedale] ...Anyone interested in the breeds can see their antic's on YouTube [search Sharon Salt]

​I have long had an interest in quality hand made items and have dabbled in quite a few genres over the years, but when I came across needle felting I knew that I had found my passion.....It still amazes me how a puff of light airy wool can be turned into a solid life like sculpture.....

​I feel very lucky that I'm able to combine my love of dogs with my passion for this art form.

​With my kids now older and away at university , I have more time to spent on creating my art.

When I'm not making dogs I can usually be found walking real ones!

But I also love to or them both.