What is Needle Felting ?

​Or I can create a 'wool Painting' [2D picture] 

As much as possible I use wool from British breeds of sheep: Blach Welsh, Dorset Horn, Manx Loagthan, Shetland.......Any Merino that I use comes  only from non mulsed sheep. I do not use any rabbit or 'luxury' fur.

​My  dogs are created for Adults, for display purposes /collectors.......They are not intended for small children.


"Losing a beloved dog is never easy; when the time is right, I can create a lovely WoolyPaws sculpture or wool painting of your faithful friend for you to treasure forever."

Love me Love my Dog

I will create a miniature likeness of your dog from the photographs that you send to me, and I will do my upmost to capture his character and spirit. I do not use any moulds or patterns, all are sculpted freehand and each one is unique/ One of a Kind.

Sculpted from 100% Sheep or Alpaca fleece 

The art of Needle felting is to take a

'puff' of soft fleece [ unspun wool] and with the aid of a barbed needle turn it into a firm 3D sculpture. Many thousands of 'jabs' from the needle are necessary but eventually you will have a form firm enough to sculpt. 

Each 6 to 7 inch dog takes me somewhere between 10 & 12 hours to complete.

There is no stuffing/filling....he is needle felted up, right from his little wooly heart!